About Affect

We go viral on TikTok, we chart on Billboard, and we work with the most recognizable brands.

Affect is a multi-disciplinary, independently owned music house created to bridge the gap between culturally relevant art and clients of every size.

Our work encompasses original music and remixing, covers and rerecords, creative direction and consulting, library and music searches, sound design and mixing.

Affect is a General Member of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP).

Patrick Lawrence Zappia

Head of Creative / Composer

Patrick is a San Diego-born, Los Angeles residing composer, record producer, songwriter, and yoga enthusiast. He's worked on projects with Linkin Park, Gap, and Tyla.

Geoff Sherr


Geoff is currently the Director of Business Development, Royalty Services at Stem, joining the company in 2023. Prior to joining Stem, Geoff worked in various capacities within the music industry, including artist management, publishing and music supervision. He was the first General Manager of Squeak E. Clean, the award-winning commercial music company.